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Futhark is published in digital form (Open Access) on Uppsala university's publishing platform DiVA. Links to all articles are published on Futharks website.

As of volume 7 (2016) all articles are published under a CC BY license. Older articles (vols. 1–6) are published under a CC BY-NC-ND license. The authors hold the copyright in their own work without restrictions.

Futhark is a so-called Diamond Open Access journal which means that:

  • All articles are peer reviewed anonymously by two external reviewers.
  • All issues are available to the public in digital form immediately after publication.
  • There are no publishing fees for authors. Futhark is financed by external fundings.

Futhark: International Journal of Runic Studies

Main editors
Prof. James E. Knirk (University of Oslo) and Prof. Henrik Williams (Uppsala University)

Assistant editor
PhD Marco Bianchi (Uppsala University)

Advisory board
Prof. em. Michael P. Barnes (University College London), Prof. em. Klaus Düwel (University of Göttingen), Prof. em. Lena Peterson (Uppsala University), PhD honoris causa Marie Stoklund (National Museum, Copenhagen)



Futhark is published in digital form (Open Access), with facility for print-on-demand. All issues are available for purchase at

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    Deadlines for contributions

    • 1 May: Articles
    • 15 June: Book reviews, debate articles, and short notices