Guidelines for contributors


The title of the article should be short and informative. Runic signs should be avoided in article titles, if possible.

Headers and structure

The article can be divided into subsections with verbal headers. Numbers and decimals (3.4.1) should not be used as headers. Preferably only two levels of headers should be used.


Footnotes are not recommended but can be used very sparingly, for supplementary information only. Usually, however, the information either belongs in the article itself or is extraneous and should be dropped. Simple references should be included in the text.

References and bibliography

The bibliography should have an entry for all works referred to in the article, and should not include works not cited.

Reviews should preferably not have a bibliography, but bibliographical information can be included parenthetical within the review. Review articles may, however, have a bibliography.

Read more about references and bibliographical principles.

Illustrations and tables

There should be references to the illustrations and tables in the text, e.g. “(see Fig. 2)”.

Illustrations should not be included in the article, but submitted separately, one file for each. Contributors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to publish photographs and other copyrighted material. Color photographs can be published on the Internet but will be reproduced in gray tones in the paper version. For acceptable file types and minimum resolution, see the help menu.

Tables should also be submitted separately. For the form of tables, see the help menu.

Captions, legends, and keys for illustrations and tables should be submitted as a separate page at the end of the article.

Technical terms and translations

The journal is interdisciplinary, and technical terms not in general use in other fields may need explanation, or could perhaps be avoided.
Citations from historical languages should be accompanied by a translation into the language of the article. Quotations in other modern languages than the language of the article may also be translated as a help for the reader.

Abstract and summary

A short abstract in English should be submitted as a separate page at the beginning of the article. This does not apply to debate articles, short notices, or reviews.

All articles in a language other than English should be accompanied by a generous summary in English. A native speaker of English should be used as a consultant.