Information for authors

Original manuscripts

Consideration will be given only to original manuscripts which have not previously been published and which are not being assessed for publication elsewhere.


Accepted languages are English, Danish, German, Norwegian, and Swedish. All articles will have an English abstract, and those in other languages will have an English summary.

Preparation of contributions

Contributions are to be prepared using the guidelines for contributors and the style sheet for the periodical. The electronic template should be used for production of the computer file.

Peer review of articles

The journal employs a referee system and requests that initially only an electronic version be submitted by e-mail to the editors. If the contribution is provisionally approved by the editors, an anonymous version will be forwarded to two colleagues for peer review. The editors or external referees may suggest revisions, and articles may be accepted conditionally.

Notices and debate articles

The journal will publish a section of short notices and debate articles. Responses to articles published in the preceding issue should be concise. The author of the article under debate will be offered the opportunity to reply.

Book reviews

Book reviews are as a rule commissioned by the editors, but unsolicited reviews will be considered.


Contributions are to be submitted in electronic form, preferably as a .doc, .docx or .rtf file. They should be sent to the following address:

The manuscript should be free of typographical error and should be submitted by the annual deadline.

After an article has been accepted, a revised version is to be submitted electronically, together with a .pdf file or a print-out. Authors will normally receive only one proof.


1 May: Submission of articles
15 June: Submission of book reviews, debate articles, and short notices