For transliteration of runic inscriptions, the editors of the periodical recognize the existence of two established standards:

  1. the Swedish (Samnordisk runtextdatabas) standard
  2. the Nytt om runer standard.

Either standard is acceptable for use in articles. The author must, however, choose one system and be consistent. Two main differences are:

  • remains of an unreadable rune (Swedish: , Nytt om runer: ?)
  • lacuna (Swedish: , Nytt om runer: [em-dash]).

One of these standards should also be used for the transliteration of Old English runic inscriptions (and not the system devised by R. I. Page).

The German standard with x standing for remains of an unreadable rune should not be used.

For transliteration of Latin epigraphic sources, CAPITALS are to be used, without citation marks.