Examples of types of bibliographical entries

Article in a periodical

Grønvik, Ottar. 1985. “Über den Lautwert der Ing-Runen und die Auslassung von Vokal in den älteren Runeninschriften.” Indogermanische Forschungen 90, 168–95.

Grønvik, Ottar. 1992. “Rök-innskriftens sibbi.” Maal og Minne 1992, 145–49.

Stoklund, Marie, Lisbeth M. Imer, and Rikke Steenholt Olesen. 2006. “Arbejdet ved Runologisk Laboratorium, København.” Nytt om runer 19 (2004), 4–10.

Article in an anthology/collection

Barnes, Michael P. 1997. “How ‘Common’ Was Common Scandinavian?” In Germanic Studies in Honor of Anatoly Liberman, ed. Kurt Gustav Goblirsch, Martha Berryman Mayou, and Marvin Taylor, 29–42. NOWELE: North-Western European Language Evolution 31/32. Odense.
[The abbreviation “ed.” stands here for “edited by”, so “eds.” is not to be used here with multiple editors.]

Three or more articles from the same anthology/collection

Barnes, Michael P. 1994. “On Types of Argumentation in Runic Studies.” In Knirk, ed., 11–29.

Jesch, Judith. 1994. “Runic Inscriptions and Social History: Some Problems of Method.” In Knirk, ed., 149–62.

Knirk, James E., ed. 1994. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on runes and Runic Inscriptions, Grindaheim, Norway, 8–12 August 1990. Runrön 9. Uppsala.

Peterson, Lena. 1994. “The Graphemic System of the Staveless Runes.” In Knirk, ed., 223–52.

Book, examples (note: publisher is not required)

Grønvik, Ottar. 1985. Runene på Eggjasteinen: En hedensk gravinnskrift fra slutten av 600-tallet. Oslo.

Barnes, Michael P., and R. I. Page. 2006. The Scandinavian Runic Inscriptions of Britain. Runrön 19. Uppsala.

Book review, examples:

Knirk, James E. 1977. Review of Antonsen 1975. Maal og Minne 1977, 172–84.
[This form when Antonsen 1975 is in the bibliography.]

— . 1984. Review of Skrifttegn og symboler, by Kai-Erik Westergaard (Oslo 1981). Scandinavian Studies 56, 397–98.

Volume or work in volume in a multi-volume work, example (alternatives):

Woolf, Greg. 2000. “Literacy.” In The Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 11: The High Empire, A.D. 70–192, ed. Alan K. Bowman, Peter Garney, and Dominic Rathbone, 875–97. 2nd ed. Cambridge.

Woolf, Greg. 2000. “Literacy.” In The High Empire, A.D. 70–192, ed. Alan K. Bowman, Peter Garney, and Dominic Rathbone, 875–97. Vol. 11 of The Cambridge Ancient History. 2nd ed. Cambridge.