Note that the choice of language for the article determines the language of the bibliography. Thus, for example, “ed.” should be used in the bibliography in an article in English, even if one is referring to a book in German, e.g. “Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde, founded by Johannes Hoops, ed. Heinrich Beck et al.”.

Bibliographies for articles in German and the Scandinavian languages should try in general to follow the style for the English bibliography.

The order of articles in the bibliography is alphabetic by last name of the author; Icelanders should preferably be alphabetized by given name, not patronymic.

Within the production of one scholar, the year of publication is used for ordering, with earliest works first. If two or more works appeared in the same year, they are to be ordered alphabetically by title, and the year then receives a letter, e.g. “1985a”, “1985b”.

For the form of the bibliography the journal employs a modified version of the Chicago Manual of Style recommendations.

For a sample bibliography, see sample bibliography in the style sheet.