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Please use only the styles provided in the templates when writing your manuscript for Futhark.

The templates contain a minimum of styles and your manuscript will most probably not look very nice. This is intended!

The basic font of this journal is Linux Libertine, available at http://www.linuxlibertine.org. You only have to install the .odt-files in the Linux Libertine package. The font should cover all relevant characters (including greek, phonetic and all types of diacritics) except for runic characters and characters for transliteration of runic script. For information about special fonts, please visit the help section.

If you do not wish to install Linux Libertine, feel free to use any other Unicode font (e.g. Arial unicode, Lucida unicode, Junicode). Even common standard fonts such as Times New Roman are often mapped according to the Unicode standards, but may lack some characters for Old Norse normalisation, namely o with ogonek (ǫ).

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Futhark: International Journal of Runic Studies

Main editors
Prof. James E. Knirk (University of Oslo) and Prof. Henrik Williams (Uppsala University)

Assistant editor
PhD Marco Bianchi (Uppsala University)

Advisory board
Prof. em. Michael P. Barnes (University College London), Prof. em. Klaus Düwel (University of Göttingen), Prof. em. Lena Peterson (Uppsala University), PhD honoris causa Marie Stoklund (National Museum, Copenhagen)



Futhark is published in digital form (Open Access), with facility for print-on-demand. All issues are available for purchase at http://futhark-journal.com/issues.

Institutions and individuals may place a standing order for the journal at acta@ub.uu.se.


    Deadlines for contributions

    • 1 May: Articles
    • 15 June: Book reviews, debate articles, and short notices